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Will you be next?

Our first “Biggest Winner, Ultimately Thinner” Contest had such incredible results, we’ve decided to run another contest starting in May! The only difference? This time it’s going to be every man (or woman! :)) for him/herself. That’s right…this contest will be done with individuals instead of teams.

Interest in the contest has been HUGE and it’s important to us to provide the same level of support and service we’ve always offered, so we’re going to limit the number of participants. So, if you’re interested, don’t wait – REGISTER NOW! In 12 weeks you could be thinner, healthier, and $550 richer! Of course, you’ll need that money to buy some new clothes….just ask all of our participants from the first contest! They’re easy to spot in class….they’re the ones who keep having to pull their pants up! LOL

So why do our participants keep attending if they’ve lost so much weight? Because our workouts are FUN, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and of course, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! They come to us as strangers and quickly become friends. Join us and become part of our group. It’ll change your life!

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