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We’re the BEST! This Video Proves it!

WOW! It’s here! And it is awesome!
(Even if I do say so myself!)

For those of you who have ever wondered what HD FitPro Boot Camp is all about, wonder no more! Watch the video below and you’ll catch a glimpse of just how much FUN our workouts are. And effective? Absolutely. Just ask our participants….they’re walking, talking, living proof.

We don’t just help you get fit, gain lean muscle, and lose weight quickly, we teach you how to LOSE THE WEIGHT FOR THE LAST TIME! How exciting is that? No more diets. No more rules and restrictions. This is about making the change for good and being HAPPY with yourself and your plan! Quit trying fads and trends and gadgets and gizmos that come and go and leave you feeling BLAH!

Join HD FitPro Boot Camp and HAVE FUN while you REACH and MAINTAIN your goals!

It’s been a while

So it’s been a while since I last blogged. In fact, I don’t even know if I can still call this a blog! I hardly ever write anymore! Most of our boot campers and personal clients seem to communicate on facebook pretty regularly…both on the group page and on our personal pages. Check out the group page by clicking here: HD FitPro is now on Facebook! Nevertheless, the blog is still part of this website, and so I must update it!

So what’s been going on?

Alex deserves a HUGE shout out! He won our 2nd ever Biggest Winner, Ultimately Thinner Contest. He’s now $500 richer! Congratulations, Alex! :) So just how much did Alex lose? How about 11.47% of his body weight!!! In just 12 weeks! Holy smokes! Josh came in second place with a weightloss of 8.96%. And Denise and Stacy were just behind that with a dead even tie for 3rd place. Wait now, you say….Josh was one of the top contenders in the first Biggest Winner Contest, wasn’t he? Yep! He’s apparently UNSTOPPABLE! In fact, he’s lost over 55 pounds this year. He looks completely different. And while he’ll give us credit for helping him, the truth is that he has done all the work himself. ALL of our participants have. We’re just here to coach, motivate, educate, and inspire….all while developing incredible friendships!

Hmmm…what next? Well, Nery started a blog a while back. It tells all about her weightloss journey…….the trials, the tribulations, the successes, and the frustrations. I won’t give away any of her secrets, but you can check it out for yourself at: “Tales of the Incredible Shrinking Nery.” She’s awesome. Everyone who knows her thinks that. You will too!

Finally, we got soaked during our first WATER DAY. Water balloons, buckets of water relay races, water hoses, you name it….we were SOAKED. And everyone loved every minute of it! Unfortunately, I was so into the games that I forgot to take real pictures. You’ll just have to imagine a bunch of adults acting like they were 7 years old and playing….because that’s exactly what it looked like! Who says you have to grow up???

I guess that’s it for now. But don’t just sit here and read this blog and WONDER what boot camp is all about, WONDER if you’d like it, WONDER if you could really lose weight for the LAST time and finally live the life you’ve wanted to live! Come try it out! As R. Schuller once said, “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

Will you be next?

Our first “Biggest Winner, Ultimately Thinner” Contest had such incredible results, we’ve decided to run another contest starting in May! The only difference? This time it’s going to be every man (or woman! :)) for him/herself. That’s right…this contest will be done with individuals instead of teams.

Interest in the contest has been HUGE and it’s important to us to provide the same level of support and service we’ve always offered, so we’re going to limit the number of participants. So, if you’re interested, don’t wait – REGISTER NOW! In 12 weeks you could be thinner, healthier, and $550 richer! Of course, you’ll need that money to buy some new clothes….just ask all of our participants from the first contest! They’re easy to spot in class….they’re the ones who keep having to pull their pants up! LOL

So why do our participants keep attending if they’ve lost so much weight? Because our workouts are FUN, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and of course, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! They come to us as strangers and quickly become friends. Join us and become part of our group. It’ll change your life!


This Saturday we wrapped up our first ever “Biggest Winner, Ultimately Thinner” Contest with INCREDIBLE results! A measly .36% separated our first and second place teams. But in the end, the GREEN TEAM walked away with $1, 650! Congrats to Dave, Erin, and Diane who lost 54.4 pounds — a whopping 10.03% of their starting weight! Awesome work!

Of course, the Red Team was right behind them with a total percentage of weight loss of 9.67% and 61 pounds lighter! WOW! Here are some of our individual participants’ fantastic stats. Remember, all of these incredible changes happened in just 12 weeks!

  Participant     Pounds Lost     Percentage of Weight-Loss  
Dave 26.4 14.0 %
Tricia 24.8 15.4 %
Josh 33.4 12.14 %
Cristina 22.0 11.11%
Diane 14.0 8.54 %
Erin 14.0 7.37 %
Megan 10.8 6.43 %
Nery 15.4 5.6 %

And these are just a few of our superstars. I could go on forever here, because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR PARTICIPANTS LOST WEIGHT! And not surprisingly, losing weight wasn’t their only accomplishment. They also decreased their body fat, increased their lean muscle mass, improved their cardiovascular fitness levels, and gained more energy and confidence. I think it’s safe to say that they’re all happier too!

12 weeks…..just 12 weeks. What can we do to help YOU?

Get Fit. Win Big!

Tired of being out of shape? Want to lose weight? Does being on a team and having the opportunity to win $$$ motivate you?

If you’re thinking, “yes, Yes, YES!” Then we’ve got an opportunity for YOU! We’re hosting our very own “Biggest Winner, Ultimately Thinner” Boot Camp Challenge. Teams will compete to win $ 1, 650! The contest will run from January 4, 2010 – March 26, 2010 and you must register by January 18 to participate. That’s 12 short weeks to lose as much weight as you possibly can. We’re adding extra classes to accommodate your busy lives. We’re here to help you with your eating habits. No more excuses! Make 2010 your year. Get Fit. Win Big! Become our BIGGEST WINNER!

Click here to learn more!

Thanksgiving/Fall Scavenger Hunt

What do you get when you mix acorns and leaves with push-ups and squats? HD FitPro’s Fall Scavenger Hunt, of course! Super simple, lots of fun, and guaranteed to burn tons of calories. Erin and Carey won this Saturday’s Boot Camp game – though Kasey and Jesica do have every right to file an appeal since their list did have an extra item! (How’d that happen? LOL)

Here’s how to play:
Make a list of items you are able to find outside this time of year – or just use the list I made below. Write each item on an index card. The teams will pull a card, run to find the item, and bring it back to the central meeting point. Before they can grab their next card and run to grab that item, they have to do the exercise for that round. To determine how many reps of each exercise the team should do, they roll 2 dice and double the result. Each team rolls for itself, so one team might have to do 24 reps, and the other 4, but that’s just part of the fun!

Example scenario:
Team 1 flips their first card. It says “Orange Leaf.” They run to find a leaf with orange coloring. (The whole leaf doesn’t have to be orange because, well, this is Florida and most leaves are green!) After finding the leaf, they run back to the meeting point and the game judge tells them “jumping jacks.” They roll a 2 and a 6 and quickly do 16 jumping jacks. They pull their next card. It says “pine cone.” After bringing back a pine cone the judge tells them “crunches.” They roll a 5 and a 1 and perform 12 crunches before pulling their third card. (And so on!)

Here’s your challenge:
You know the usual routine that your family has right after eating the big Thanksgiving feast? The one where all of the women are in the kitchen cleaning and the men are watching football? Well the dishes can wait and DVR will pause the great game, so break the routine and have some FUN! Play our exercise scavenger hunt and make some room for that pumpkin pie!

Sample list of items: Acorn, Pine Cone, Yellow Leaf, Orange Leaf, Brown Leaf, Green Leaf, Pine Needle, Seed, Tree Bark, Stick

Sample exercises: Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups, Jumping Jacks, Tricep Dips, Crunches, Supermans, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps, Step-Ups

2009 End-of-Year Special!

2009 is winding down and the holidays are approaching! And as if our lives aren’t busy enough already, they’re about to become busier with shopping, family and friend get togethers, and lots of other commitments we’ll add to our regular schedules. It’s important to take care of yourself always, but especially this time of year. And we’d like to add a little extra motivation and incentive for doing so. Join our last Boot Camp of 2009 and get up to 50% more classes for FREE! Yes….you read that correctly. If you join now, you can receive up to 3 WEEKS for FREE! Our regular 4-week prices apply, you’ll just get much more for your money. Lose weight this holiday season – when most people are putting it on! End the year with a BANG!

NEW!!! 2 Boot Camp Locations!

We are VERY excited to announce that we are now offering Boot Camps at 2 locations! After 10-months of work and meetings, we are now holding Boot Camps at Red Bug Lake Park in Seminole County and our original location, M-PACT Sports in Orlando. Our new partnership with the county is a tremendous opportunity. Red Bug Lake Park is a 60-acre park that offers playgrounds, tennis, racquetball, basketball, softball, flag football/soccer, sand volleyball, outdoor exercise equipment, and an exercise trail! Talk about tons of FUN and things to do!!! We’ll be incorporating these park areas and activities (boot camp style, of course!) into many of our workouts. Saturday “Fun Days” are sure to be a blast! No other boot camp in Central Florida can offer all of this to its members! In addition, since they have plenty of pavilions and enclosed racquetball courts, we shouldn’t have any rainouts! (Okay, so hurricanes and tropical storms might get in our way, but not just plain old Florida weather!) This location also allows us to offer morning and evening classes, so those of you who couldn’t attend our previous boot camps due to work schedules, problem solved! Call or email us today to join us for one of our next camps starting on Monday, September 14. We can’t wait!

No Excuses

As you can imagine, I meet people all the time who tell me, “Oh, I wish I could be fit, I just…..,” or “I know I need to lose weight, but…..” And you know what? People are entitled to their excuses. Life happens. We’re busy. REALLY busy. We have families, jobs, kids, school, housework, commitments, and the list goes on and on. But we also have ourselves to take care of. And, in truth, the only thing that stands in our way of doing what we want to do, being who we want to be, and achieving what we want to achieve is us. No one else. Nothing else. Just ourselves. We’ve gotten really, really good at making excuses. So much so, they fly off our tongues rapidly and without much thought. I’ve seen the video below dozens of times and can’t get enough of it. Watch it, then tell me…..what’s your excuse? And really, is it an excuse? Or do you just not want whatever your goal is badly enough?

P.S. Wish you were fit? Wanting to lose weight? Our next boot camp starts Monday, July 6. We’ll see you then.

Azalea Park Pop Warner Day!

This past Saturday the Azalea Park Pop Warner association joined us at M-Pact Sports for a free day of workouts and education. We split up the football players into two age groups and gave each a 45 minute test drive of our summer Pre-Season Program, a comprehensive speed, strength, and agility workout. We book-ended the workouts with educational information to the parents about age-appropriate athletic developmental activities, such as when can athletes begin learning techniques of free weight training. We had some great young athletes there and they all had great attitudes. I’m looking forward to seeing them in my summer training groups!

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