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Personal Training Packages

We know that your fitness program needs to be as individualized as you are. That’s why we’ve created Personal Training Packages. Simply choose the package that best describes where you are on your path to fitness.

Introductory FitPak

“I want to look and feel better, but I don’t know where to start!”

This package is for those who are new to personal training. You’ll receive an initial consultation and evaluation, at which time your trainer will assess your current fitness level and discuss your goals. You’ll then receive 3 one-hour appointments with your trainer with an exercise program developed specifically for you and your goals. Limit one package per membership.


Twenty-four sessions FitPak

“60 day challenge”

We dare you to take this challenge! This is a great way to get fit while saving money! Based on 3x per week workouts for two months**, this program is sure to help you transform your life. You’ve seen contestants on popular TV weight loss shows and you’ve been inspired. Let us turn that inspiration into a little motivation and a lot of perspiration. Take control of your life and your body. You are worth it. * As a bonus, when you sign up for this package, you’ll be able to communicate with your trainer up to two times each day via email or personal phone calls.
**Though based on 3x per week workouts, this package, like all of our packages, can be used at any interval.


Twelve sessions FitPak

“Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are important to me and I’m making a commitment!”

This package includes 12 one hour sessions and is designed for the person who is ready to work out with a trainer on a consistent basis. Based on a 3x per week workout (but can be used at any interval), you are ready to take the next step towards wellness working closely with your trainer to achieve your goals.


Eight Sessions FitPak

“I already work out, but I need help staying motivated and on track!”

This package consists of 8 one hour appointments and works well for those who work out regularly, but would like a trainer to design fun and varying workouts, offer guidance, and provide a source of accountability. Based on 2x per week workouts (but can be used at any interval), you need a little motivation to push yourself to the next level.


Four Sessions FitPak

“I’m comfortable with my regular workout, but I’d like a trainer to push me to a higher level workout and hold me accountable.”

This package consists of 4 one hour appointments and is designed for someone who works out on a regular basis, but could use some input on how to best develop their program. Based on a 1x per week workout (but can be used at any interval), this program offers a “check up” with your trainer to insure that you continue to challenge yourself.


One Session

“On Demand Training”

This option is great for people who don’t want to make a commitment and would just like to work out on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Partner Packs

Train with up to four others and save money!

Twelve sessions – $339 per person
Eight sessions – $249 per person
Four sessions – $149 per person

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